J Taylor Construction

Common questions answered:
    Q: If I hire you, when can you start my Job?
  • A: Smaller jobs, such as repairs, or emergencies, such as a leaking hot water heater, can generally be fit in within a week, all other jobs must be scheduled, and may be 2 - 3 months from the date of contract signing.

  • Q: How much will it cost?
  • A: The cost of all jobs vary by a number of factors. For instance, flooring is calculated on a per-square foot cost, which itself is dependent on the type of flooring being installed. The only way to know for certain
    is to complete a full Quote which will detail all visible costs.

  • Q: If I need electrical work done, do I have to hire a seperate electrician?
  • A: Most common wiring, such as installing ceiling fan's, lights or outlets I am fully qualified to handle. In certain circumstances though, such as installing or replacing an electrical service, you will need to hire
    a seperate electrician, there are a few I generally work with, and I am willing to contact them on your behalf.

  • Q: What happens if there are unexpected complications that you encounter after you start my job?
  • A: As complications arise, they are handled on a case by case basis. If for instance during a renovation we encounter an infestation, such as ants, which have caused extensive damage, we will be required to repair said damage, which is likely outside of the scope of our contract, before we can continue. In the case of pest infestations you may be required to hire an exterminator before we can continue.

  • Q: Do you offer a Warranty? And if so what does it cover?
  • All of my work is covered by a 1 year warranty that covers any and all failures due to installation. Products and materials that come with a warranty may be covered depending on the type and cause of failure, by the manufacturer. Failures due to gross negligence or improper use or care may not be covered by warranty depending on the reason for the failure (such as discoloration or failure of a hardwood floor do to animal excriment or claw damage)

  • Q: Are there any types of construction you are not equiped for, or will not do?
  • A: In general J. Taylor Construction will not build new, meaning we WILL NOT CONSTRUCT NEW HOMES. We do renovations, repairs and even additions, but not new homes. Additionally, we do not install carpet flooring, or Vinyl/Linoleum roll out flooring.